Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Geeky Gift Guide

Hi everyone!

Tis the season to spend stupid amounts of money, so I thought I would make a geeky gift guide to assist anyone with the unfortunate affliction of having geeky nearest and dearest.

I'd be a fairly crappy small business owner if I didn't mention that geeky gifts can also be found in the Goram Stitches shop.  All of the items in this post were found on Etsy as it's always good to support other small businesses!

All of the info for the items can be found below next to their number.  

Okay, so here's my first selection:

1. Polyjuice Potion Flask
Perfect for the alcoholic wizard in your life!
2. Mario Piranha Plants
These would make an amazing housewarming gift for your favourite geek and have the bonus of never dying!
3. Game of Thrones 'Moon of My Life' Pendant
I think this is absolutely gorgeous.  For the uninitiated - Khal Drogo used to call Dany the 'moon of my life'.  You know, before he died of a scratch.
4. Nintendo Controller Skirt
The Etsy seller who makes this - GoChaseRabbits sells a massive selection of geeky skirts.  Love them, but don't think I'm brave enough to pull them off!
5. 8-bit Heart Meter Necklace
It's always a wise idea to keep an eye on your heart meter, so you'll know when you need a health potion and this necklace makes that really easy!
6. Avengers Cushions
This would be the perfect gift for a geeky bachelor pad.
7. Nerds Unite Coaster Set
Who doesn't love scrabble?

1. Direwolf Amurigami
These are so adorable!  I think I would have to go with Ghost.
2. Jayne Hat
The ultimate in geeky attire.  He's the hero of Canton, the man they call... Jayne.
3. Han Solo in Carbonite iPhone Case
I was actually in the market for a new iPhone case when I came across this.  I decided not to go for this one in the end as I thought seeing his little carbonite face would make me too sad.
4. Pixelated Heart Friendship Necklaces
These are like the modern day geeky equivalent of the old forever friends necklaces I had when I was wee!
5. Petri Dish Salmonella Soap
This reminded me too much of uni to leave it out.  This looks far too much like agar plates of bacteria and I think it could get even the geekiest boy to wash!

Hopefully you found that vaguely useful!  Let me know if you have any of these items, or what you think about them in the comments.

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