Sunday, 21 October 2012

In Progress and Other Miscellany

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Hi everyone, 

Thought I'd put up a quick post showing you what I've got in progress etc at Goram Stitches.

The thing I'm mostly working on just now is a bulk order of my 'Winter is Coming' Christmas cards:
In case you're not a giant nerd like myself and my customers (and more accurately, my customers husbands and boyfriends), 'Winter is Coming' is like the motto of the Stark family in the Game of Thrones TV series/A Song of Ice and Fire books.  The books are fantasy but basically set on Earth, but the seasons on the book Earth works very differently than our Earth.  Seasons in the book universe last years, sometimes decades and basically when winter comes, if you haven't prepared yourself properly, you're screwed.  The Stark words are a reminder that throughout summer you should be stockpiling foods, and setting aside part of your harvest for winter.  It's basically a more threatening sounding version of the Scouts 'Always be Prepared'.

The other thing I'm currently working on is inspired by Joss Whedon's 'Dr Horrible's Sing-A-Long-A-Blog'. In it Dr Horrible mentions that he has a PhD in Horribleness (duh, how else would he have become a doctor?), so I decided to cross-stitch a PhD in you do.
Excuse the horrible iPhone picture.  This is nowhere near finished - I need to add in the Chancellor's signature (Bad Horse, naturally) and maybe a crest and maybe a certificate stamp type thing.  This is one of those pieces where I didn't draw out a pattern for the whole thing and just started each individual bit and hoped it would all work together.  I plan on listing this one in my shop and then also putting up the option to have a custom order to have your name on the certificate instead.

The main issue I have with the Goram Stitches shop is that I have too many ideas and not enough time/hands.  Something I currently have stuck in my head is kind of an homage to the twee 'Home Sweet Home' cross-stitch samplers, except I want to stitch 'Hellmouth Sweet Hellmouth' and below the stitching of the house, I want to stitch the flames of hell.  Simple.  I am aware this is not a normal thing to be stuck in someone's head.

I found this picture on my phone and thought it was too funny to never see the light of day:
Yep, that's me wearing a plastic poncho that says 'I heart Scotland'.  I think the fact that it looks like a wonderfully sunny day in the background adds to the madness.  I swear it there had just been torrential rain and in my defense this was at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and everyone was wearing these ponchos to ward off pneumonia.  

I swear.

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