Friday, 23 November 2012

Adventures in Weegieland

So, it was my birthday last week...

Who knew my boyfriend could make awesome cake?  It was certainly better than the cake provided by a certain Glasgow restaurant which will for the time being remain nameless.

Due to the occasion, I decided to head back to the motherland and grace my family with my presence, I am just that nice.  In order to get there however, I had to brave what will from here on out be referred to as the 'claustrophobic sweatbox'.

I walked onto the bus a perfectly (ha, okay, well, you know) healthy person and walked off of it as Rudolph the red-nosed plague victim.  Thank you claustophobic sweatbox, at least I'm now seasonally appropriate.

Weird story!  I get to my mums house and open my presents.  I open up a box and this bracelet is inside:

This is the worlds crappiest picture, but it's a charm bracelet with cute little chocolate cake slices. I immediately recognised it as being really similar to the kind of charm bracelets a long time friend of mine makes.  My mum then mentions that she bought it at a craft fair at the botanic gardens in Glasgow... where I know my friend sells her wares.  Out pops my iPad (let's pretend it wasn't already attached to my arm) and I show my mum a facebook picture of her and lo and behold... yeah you know the rest of the story.  Anyway, the very talented friend is Kristin of K Scott Crafts.  As well as jewellery, she also makes adorable cake toppers.

For my birthday, we went to Bar Soba on Byres Road.  My boyfriend and I are both vegan, and Bar Soba has a lovely vegan menu, but also has a good varied menu for the meat eaters. I know my birthday is supposed to be all about ME but I'm just so nice that we decided not to go to a vegan restaurant this year.  

Let me tell you another time about the year we were at a vegan restaurant and my uncle asked for egg and chips for dinner.  

Anyway, I had kappa maki sushi for starter:

And vegetable tempura katsu curry for my main:

Both were absolutely delicious, but the service at Bar Soba wasn't the best and the seats were uncomfortable.  I also felt like I possibly wasn't enough of a hipster to be there and I'm a vegan who wears red cat-eye specs, so there you go!  Also, why does Dundee not have a Japanese restaurant?  Or a vegetarian restaurant for that matter?  

The evening ended in the most bizarrely middle class way possible - having my Eiffel Tower shaped bottle of olive oil confiscated at Oran Mor.  Don't believe me?

Oh yeah.

I will be spending my weekend incubating my cold and reading season 8 of Buffy which I received for my birthday.  I'm only years behind everyone else.

How will you be spending your weekend?

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  1. Akira Kurosawa's face isn't a handy place for your olive oil!