Sunday, 17 February 2013

Newy Newness

Hello world!

I just posted a number of new pieces in my shop, so I thought I would also post them here.  If you're not a fan of shameless self promotion then look away now!

In hindsight, I should probably have had this up before valentine's day, but I'm not very good at this so I didn't.  I only made it yesterday.  Obviously inspired by the wonderfully ridiculous Morrissey song of the same name.

Why Joss, why?  Why did you have t break all of our hearts?  I heard a joke recently that is sort of related to this:

Joss Whedon, George RR Martin, and JK Rowling walk in to a bar...

Everyone you love dies.

I have this listed twice in my shop - you can either have the version above with Dr Horrible's name on it, or you can have your very own PhD in Horribleness.  Who wouldn't want that?!

This is my attempt to pretend I'm down with the kids.  I'm really not though.

I enjoyed making it so much, I stitched it twice!

I also made this recently but it's not for sale:

Why isn't it for sale?  I like it too much and it's probably too niche even for my shop.  It's from the Smiths song 'I know it's over', and the rose is to show that I'm a proud member of the Blue Rose Society (an uber secret society of Morrissey fans).  Whoops, shouldn't have told you that...

Related to the above, I saw the lovely lady from RARA Showroom in Dundee tweeting a picture of the following valentine's card, and I absolutely had to have it:

What makes it more realistic is that it says this on the inside:

If you want to see what I'm upto, I post most of my work in progress on twitter and instagram, some follow me! @goramstitches

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